Reverse Logistics Services

Reverse Logistics Services for Recovering Value or Eco Friendly Disposal

Reverse logistics plays a vital role in conserving the environment. It includes all initiatives taken to recycle and reuse the raw materials recovered from the products supplied by the manufacturers to the end customers. In the reverse logistics process, goods collected from customer location or collection centers must be moved to the recycling unit for the purpose of recovering value or safe disposal. Reverse logistics actually begins at the point of consumption, i.e. at the customer’s end, and it will end at the point where the product is manufactured. iSeven is offering reverse logistics services for OEMs and bulk producers. We are associated with the original equipment manufacturers, retail outlets, e-commerce companies to pick up the products that have been returned by the end-users.


Well Planned Solutions to Meet Customer Requirements


Through our reverse logistics services, we use the collected equipment to reclaim valuable substances or dispose of unwanted materials. There is no need for purchasing new raw materials when a manufacturer uses the raw materials that are recovered from the end of life or damaged products which are collected at various points in their supply chain. iSeven know the importance of managing the e-waste and the adverse effects that may occur due to improper and unplanned discarding. So, our reverse logistics process has been planned to meets the need of our clients without creating environmental problems.

Collecting Damaged/ End of Life/Returned Products:

We help our clients to recover value for their products returned through the supply chain as carton damaged, broken, unused, defective or end of life products that would reach landfills if they are not appropriately managed. Many customers think about logistics costs when it comes to the collection and transportation of the e-waste to recycling units. We have various collection centers spread across the country through which we collect electronic waste of any size. iSeven is partnered with the leading logistic companies in India who carefully packs and transports the e-waste from collection centers to our recycling unit. If you want the goods to be picked up from your doorstep, we will send our logistic partners to collect the assets. Upon receiving the products at our recycling unit, we will refurbish the maximum number of products and dispose of the remaining products that are not suitable for refurbishment or recycling.