E-Waste Collection Center in


With years of experience and presence, I7 has emerged as a specialist in the collection Ewaste and recycling of end-of-life IT, electronic and computer equipment in Bangalore. We provide an efficient and environmentally disposal solution for your Unwanted IT or end of life electronic equipments. At iSeven Ewaste collection center in Bangalore , we accept electronic and IT equipment for technology recycling including: Computers, Servers, Laptops , Smartphones Network Switches, Router, and Commercial Broadcast Equipment, Hard Disc Drives (HDD), Connectors, Handsets, Server Racks, Printers, Cables, Monitors, Portable Devices, UPS, etc.

What Can You Recyclet With iSeven?

IT equipment and other electronic devices are collected at I7 Ewaste collection center in Bangalore and are efficiently processed for recycling. Both collection and drop off services are available i.e. you can drop the waste at our collection center at any time or we will come and collect from any location in Bangalore. We purchase E-waste from you at good price that you would never expect. So why wait more? Handover you E-waste at our collection center in Bangalore and get some good amount in return which can be used for other investment purposes.


iSeven: Your E-Waste Management Company, Just a Call Away:

If you have any queries or if you want to get a quote for your entire Ewaste, please get in touch with us via our official number of just fill in the contact form, one of our representatives will get back to you shortly with the best price quote. Every equipment collected at EWaste collection center in Bangalore is, refurbished or separated assuring you zero land fill.