E-Waste Collection Center in


Do you have a lot of e-waste and looking for the best and authorized e-waste collection center in Hyderabad to dump it? Then ISeven is the best place to dispose of all the electronic waste of your organization. iSeven is one of the leading e-waste recyclers in India who has a proven track record of collecting and recycling e-waste in an ecofriendly manner as per the guidelines of the government. We take the utmost care and follow high safety standards while recycling the e-waste, so you can put trust in us and dump your e-waste at our collection center in Hyderabad.

What Can You Recycle With iSeven?

Being a reputed e-waste recycler in India, we collect various types of electronic devices and IT hardware such s laptops, desktops, switches, servers, hard disk drives, solid-state drives, printers, PS, portable devices, RAMs, power supplies, processors, monitors and many more.  If you are planning to dispose your electronic waste, contact us through our phone number or email. iSeven collects electronic waste from Industries, IT companies, Hospitals, Universities, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Tech Parks, Showrooms, etc.


Hyderabad Cares, Hyderabad Recycles:

Now you can drop off your e-waste at our collection center in Hyderabad or fill in the contact form to schedule an e-waste pick up from your site. Upon selling the electronic waste to us, you will get a pretty good amount in return that can be used for buying new equipment or for any other purpose. Just tell us what all electronic items you want to drop off, we will send you a detailed quote with the best possible price.