Data Destruction Services in India

Data Destruction Services

Does your business have a huge stock of old hard drives that are not useful anymore? Are you planning to dispose of your hard drives but worried about the crucial data that is stored in your hard drives? We know that many organizations seriously worry about data leakage while approaching any external company for recycling their storage drives. With our highly efficient data destruction techniques, we not only erase your crucial data from the hard drives but also dismantle and separate all the parts and extract the valuable materials for recycling. We also follow strict instructions while recycling and keep the earth safe from toxic waste in landfills. We provide highly secure data destruction services to companies and individuals all over India..

Stay Away from Data Breaches by Choosing Certified E-waste Recyclers:

Are you much worried about your confidential data? Then don’t worry, we also provide on premise data destruction services for your peace of mind and to ensure that your data will not go out of your office premises. You don’t need to worry about your data when you choose a certified e-waste recycler like iSeven for data destruction. Whether you want the data to be wiped off via virtual destruction or you want to destruct the drives physically through the mechanical crushing, we will do it confidentially without involving any third party.

As a part of our data destruction services, our dedicated and trusted staff will carefully collect the hard drives and destruct them securely. We extract precious metals and plastic material from the hard drives. For your peace of mind, we also record the entire shredding process. Being a certified E-waste management company, iSeven is committed to helping the organizations and individuals to efficiently recycle all their hard drives and keep the planet safe from hazardous substances.


Best Techniques for 100% Secure Data Destruction

Our data destruction process includes the following procedures


Data Destruction Using Software

iSeven has a professional team that is involved in the data destruction process. Our dedicated team of experienced personnel will manage the data destruction process by using certified data removing software. We store the data deletion report based on the part number, and we will share it with you.

Data Degaussing

After removing the data through software, we will send the hard drives into a strong electromagnetic field that eradicates any data that is not removed in the first stage. This process will completely eliminate the entire data from your hard drives. Data Degaussing is the best technique that makes the drives no longer usable.

Hard Disk Shredding

To ensure 100% destruction of hard drives with no chance for recovery, the hard drives will be further sent for shredding. In this process, the hard drives will be dismantled and broken into small pieces, and then the precious materials will be extracted from them. Companies with very crucial data that are looking to dispose of or recycle hard drives can contact us to avail of hard drives shredding service. We are also authorized to extract precious metals from electronic waste at our recycling unit.

After we are done with the destruction process, we do provide a certificate of data destruction. Trust iSeven to protect your data and recycle your hard drives efficiently. You can leave your hard drives at our collection centers or book an appointment by calling us for doorstep pickup.