EPR Services in India

The electronic consumer market is rapidly growing in India, and the amount of e-waste that is being generated is also increasing at the same rate. With an intention to use the latest and most up to date electronic products, consumers are purchasing new items to replace the outdated and end of life products. To promote safe and efficient management of e-waste in India, the ministry of environment and forest and climate change has brought a new set of rules. As per these rules, producers, manufacturers, OEMs should take the responsibility to manufacture products that have less impact on the environment, and the products should be able to be recycled. It is known as Extended Producer Responsibility or EPR services.

Right from selecting the raw materials to manufacturing the products, businesses should follow eco-friendly manufacturing processes, and they should also initiate a collection back mechanism for the collecting and recycling the end of life products. Extender Producer Responsibility is a promise made by the manufacturers to initiate a collection back process and recycle the end of life products instead of disposing of them. The main agenda behind Extended Producer Responsibility is to encourage the reuse of precious metals or resources that are present in the electronic waste.

For acquiring EPR authorization, firms need to submit an action plan about what all steps are they going to take to reach their annual targets to collect the end of life of electronic items and recycle them.

How iSeven Can Help you get EPR Authorization?

If you are looking for a producer responsibility organization that can assist in managing your EPR in India, iSeven can help you in reaching your EPR targets and receive the extender producer responsibility authorization from the concerned department in India. We have been assisting several local and multinational brands in India for EPR authorization.

iSeven, which is a certified e-waste management company, is providing a complete range of EPR services in India. We assist you with all the paperwork that is required to get the EPR authorization.


Do you have a manufacturing industry? Are you a bulk consumer of electronic products? If you want to collect the e-waste and recycle or dispose of it, you will need to take permission to collect, store and dispose of the e-waste from the pollution control board of the concerned state. Right from documentation to recycling, we help you in all the processes that let you get EPR authorization from both state and central pollution control boards.

Reach Your Yearly E-Waste Collection Targets by Associating with iSeven


Recently the Government has come up with a new target based formula where some responsibilities were given to the producers, importers, bulk consumers and OEMs for achieving their yearly targets to collect end of life electronic waste. You can happily rely on iSeven for achieving your yearly e-waste collection targets. We not only gather the electronic waste on behalf of your company but also process and recycle it in a safe way and issue a certificate.

We want to be the leaders in the e-waste management, and so we are providing EPR Services and helping producers to reach their targets to collect e-waste. We do have a team of experienced professionals who look after our EPR services and assist our customers with the right solutions that are result-oriented and are nature friendly.

iSeven has started providing EPR services to reduce the damage that improper disposal of electronic products may cause. We partner will all brands and PROs, i.e. producer responsibility organizations to help them in the e-waste management process. We also conduct awareness programs about the adverse effects that arise due to improper disposal of e-waste.

Electronic waste has various harmful substances that would pollute the planet and damage human health if not properly handled. As a part of our EPR services, we ensure that the best practices are followed to manage the e-waste having less effect on the environment. iSeven is providing EPR services to producers all over India. Contact us now if you are looking for an EPR consultant that helps you in getting the EPR authorization.