IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management and Recovery Solutions:

Ant IT organization needs to track all its IT assets, including the hardware and software to make the right decision regarding the upgrades, replacement, retirement of assets, or purchase of new assets at the right time to ensure the successful running of the business operations. IT assets should be monitored over their entire lifecycle in order to keep them in good working condition for longer periods and to make upgrades in a timely manner. iSeven has great experience in providing customized IT asset management services for the organization of any size.


From asset procurement to deployment and disposal, we follow best practices to manage your IT assets. We can efficiently help you get the right hardware and software suitable for your business operations. We negotiate with the vendors and purchase the hardware on your behalf and then proceed further for deployment.

Regular Asset Auditing


By monitoring the IT hardware that is currently underused, we do provide a detailed report of the IT assets that you have and the amount of work that is being done by using them. We help you know about the assets that are not performing well. We give a detailed report about the assets that require hardware and software upgrades. Our experts will also let you know about the assets that should be recycled or disposed of. We check the assets and upgrade the spare parts or perform repairs to increase the life of your IT hardware. With our deep inspection process, we will let you know when the upgrades are essential and what assets should be sent for disposition. By tracking the assets, our team suggests the best time for disposal.

Maximize Return on Investment and Reduce Expenditures

When your IT assets become older, and they should be replaced with the new ones to ensure the smooth running of your IT operations. Your old assets should be discarded in a proper way to extract the raw materials out of them for reuse. Few assets can still be used for a longer time if they are refurbished or appropriately upgraded with the right spare parts.

We encourage refurbishment and reuse of end of life assets that still hold value in the market. As a part of our IT asset management services, we do take your IT assets and give the best possible amount in return that can be invested in new IT assets. If our experts find any asset that can bring good returns for you, those assets will not be sent for recycling. Any electronic item that can be sold in the market for good value will be sent for refurbishment, where the product will be thoroughly cleaned and restored to the factory settings.


If we find any damaged spares, we will replace it with a new component and turn it into a Grade” A” quality product. After refurbishment, our team sells it in the market for a good price and ensures maximum returns. We do provide you with a detailed reporting of the amount spent by your organization on new hardware and software renewals so that you can include the spending details in the corporate financial statements.