E-Waste Collection Center in


Are you planning to replace the old electronic products of your organization with the latest and advanced products? Worried about what to do with the huge quantity of old electronic equipment that is no more useful for you? Is your company already having a huge stock of unused electronics that are occupying more space? Make some money out of your unused electronic items by selling them to us. We purchase old, end of life and nonfunctioning electronic equipment’s from you at the best price that can be used for investing in new products. Whether your e-waste to be recycled or disposed of, iSeven follow environmental-friendly policies that ensure zero landfills and zero damage to nature. We have the state of e-waste collection center in Kolkata, where we securely store the collected electronic products and transport them to our recycling unit..

What Products Do We Accept?

If you are looking for a trusted and responsible e-waste management company that pays you for your used electronic and electrical products or you want to dispose of the massive accumulation of unwanted products, bring your entire e-waste to our collection center in Kolkata. We accept laptops, televisions, desktops, routers, spare parts of electronic products, cables, servers, washing machines, workstations, refrigerators, and various varieties of electronic equipment.


Commitment to Zero Land Fill and Safe E-Waste Management:

Be it data destruction, recycling, IT Asset disposal, dismantling, or any other service, and we follow nature-friendly procedures right from collecting your e-waste to processing it, thereby creating no damage to the environment and people. We protect the environment, and at the same time, we safeguard your crucial business data. If your devices are not good enough for resale or recycling, don’t dump them in the landfill. Give your products to us, we dismantle the electronic products and extract precious metals out of them and dispose of unwanted things as per the regulations of the pollution control board. Do you have large quantities of electronic items and facing difficulties in transporting the huge stock to our e-waste collection centers in Kolkata? Don’t worry. We are providing free pick up option where our team will collect the e-waste from your site. Contact us today to get a quote for your unused electronic devices or to request a pickup.