E-Waste Collection Center in

New Delhi

Does your organization have lots of unwanted and no longer usable electronic products? Do you have the end of life electronic items that are not working at all? Piled up electronic waste is very dangerous, and improper disposal of it will pollute the planet and has adverse effects on human beings. Protect your habitat and conserve the natural resources by disposing of your e-waste with the help of iSeven, one of the leading certified Ewaste management companies in India. If you want to dispose of your electronic equipment in an environment-friendly way, then you can drop it at our e-waste collection center in New Delhi.

What Products Do We Collect?

Electronic waste is a matter of great concern to the environment. Improper handling and recycling of electronic equipment can cause great damage to the planet and human being’s health. So you should only approach a professional e-waste management company like iSeven to dispose of it. We collect and dispose of electronic waste in a way that is beneficial for both people and the earth. We have the necessary licenses to collect all kinds of electronic waste, including Servers, Desktops, Switches, Laptops, Refrigerators, Washing machines, Hard drives, Routers, RAMs, Processors, workstations and other products.


Drop off Your Electronic Equipment that is No Longer Under Use:

We accept E-waste from businesses, educational institutions, public sector organizations, residential communities, individual homes, and the collected waste will be directly sent to our recycling facility. If you are searching for an authorized e-waste collection center in New Delhi to drop your bulk stock, call us directly or fill the contact form. We will get back to you and tell you what methods should be followed to dump the e-waste at our collection center carefully. Instead of giving the electronic waste to local scrap dealers, give it to an organization like iSeven, which has set high standards in recycling and keeps your e-waste far away from landfills. Contact us now to know how to dispose of your electronic equipment safely and to find out the nearest e-waste collection center in New Delhi.