E-Waste Collection Center in


Is your office or godown filled with full of old unusable or damaged electronic items? Do you need assistance in removing and disposing of/ recycling your electronic products in a safe manner? Don’t worry about your huge accumulations, iSeven can fulfill the requirement of the safe and quick disposal of your unused end of life electronic equipment in Chennai. No matter what size of accumulated waste your office has, we will accept it without any restrictions at our e-waste collection center in Chennai. Whether it is an old computer, damaged laptop, end of life Server, unusable switch, old washing machine, workstation, or any other electronic junk, we will arrive at your doorstep to collect it. Also, you can directly drop your e-waste at our collection center in Chennai.

Our Contribution in Safeguarding the Environment

An electronic item, be it a small one or a large one, has a lot of harmful substances. So, a special process should be followed to dispose of or recycle it with least or no impact on the environment. Being a responsible organization, iSeven follows ecofriendly techniques that ensure a pollution-free and clean environment. We have developed a high standard mechanism as per the government guidelines for the proper collection and management of electronic waste. We work on all days in a week, so you can call us anytime when you are ready to handover the e-waste to us. Our team will come and collect the waste from your premises. If not, you can directly approach our collection center in Chennai with your electronic equipment.


iSeven, The Best E-Waste Management Company to Dispose of Your E-waste

iSeven seeks every individual to take part in protecting the environment by dropping their unused electronic products at our authorized collection centers in Chennai. We want every individual to be responsible and avoid dumping electronic waste in the landfill. To ensure proper disposal /recycling of end of life electronic products, we have started our own collection center in Chennai. Choosing iSeven for disposing of your e-waste means you are doing your part in protecting the planet from getting polluted with hazardous materials.