iSeven a KSPCB Authorized E-Waste Management Company

iSeven is specialized in the collection, disposal, treatment and recycling of the electronic waste in a responsible way as per the environmentally friendly policies .iSeven offers a range of e-waste management services including EPR services, IT Asset Management & Disposal, Eco friendly recycling, Data Destruction services, etc.

To help various industries manage their e-waste in a safer and greener way, iSeven was established in the year 2016 with a KSPCB (Karnataka State Pollution Control Board) authorized E-waste recycling unit having a precious metal extraction facility at Kachohalli Industrial Estate, Bangalore.

Our Vision & Mission

Our aim is to process e-waste by following safe practices ensuring zero landfills, and no harm is done to the environment and human beings. We provide tailor-made e-waste management solutions for a wide variety of businesses, including multinational enterprises, small and medium businesses, bulk consumers, government organizations, educational institutions, retailers, manufacturers, and individuals.

Our Commitment to Safe & Green Environment

With a strong commitment to protecting the environment from hazardous substances, iSeven has been engaged in creating awareness about E-waste and the negative impact of improper disposal or recycling of electronic products on the planet. We have authorized passbook issued by KSPCB to collect electronic waste from industries in various sectors and then process it at our recycling unit. After collecting the e-waste, we segregate, dismantle, and recycle it as per the norms of KPCB and CPCB with nature-friendly policies. iSeven is officially registered with MSTC, and we do have eligibility to participate in any e-waste related tenders in India.

We are involved in the collection, disposal and recycling of desktops, washing machines, laptops, refrigerators, servers, air conditioners, switches, workstations, and all other end of life electrical and electronic equipment’s. Being a responsible e-waste management company, we have been continuously conducting awareness campaigns among individuals, students, corporate sectors, government about the benefits of recycling e-waste.