E-Waste Collection Center in


Have you bought new IT hardware for your business and worried about what to do with your old products? Are you thinking of disposing of the huge accumulations of old desktops, damaged laptops, end of life servers, or any other electronic items of your office? Inappropriate handling of electronic waste without following the proper rules not only allows dangerous chemicals to penetrate deep into the earth but also keeps us away from reusing the precious bare metals. To ensure that your unused electronic items are disposed of appropriately using eco-friendly disposal techniques, you must give it to iSeven e-waste collection center in Mumbai, which ensures that your junk is appropriately managed and disposed or dismantled in a responsible way. We are certified to collect and manage your end of life IT assets securely.

Safe Collection and Management of IT Assets and Other Electronic Products:

iSeven is one of the largest E-waste management companies in India, which has a huge E-waste collection center in Mumbai where IT companies, public sector units, institutions, and manufacturing firms can drop off no longer usable electronic products. iSeven accepts all types of electronic items like personal computers, any brand workstation, televisions, laptops, switches, washing machines, CPUs, Hard disk drives, servers, etc. for eco-friendly disposal and safe recycling. We offer you a good benefit for giving your old electronic equipment to us.


Drop Your E-Waste Anytime or Request for Doorstep Pick Up

iSeven follows the best techniques and always adheres to the government's guidelines to carefully treat the hazardous chemicals in electronic waste. We ensure that every piece of your products is handled in the right way and will be far from landfills. Do not wait until your damaged equipment starts corroding. Get in touch with us to schedule a pick up from your location. Our team can come and collect your unused electronic products at any time from your office and transport them to our collection center. Not interested in a door pick up? Are you thinking to drop off your end of life electronics? Then, you can visit our E-waste collection center in Mumbai.