E-Waste Collection Center in


Do you have the end of life electronic equipment? Are you looking for a certified EWaste management company with a collection center in Coimbatore to drop off your electronic waste? iSeven is here to collect your unused or damaged electronic equipment for eco-friendly disposal. To reduce the landfill that is very dangerous to the environment and human beings, it is essential to recycle and reuse the end of life electronic products. Electronic equipment should be disposed in an organized way as per the guidelines given by the government. If there is a lot of EWaste that has been accumulated in your organization since years, do not dispose it in garbage bins or don’t dump it anywhere else in the open place. Just give us a call; we are here to take it off. Our team will come and collect your electronic items, or you can come to our EWaste collection center in Coimbatore to drop off the junk.

Collection of Old or End of Life Electronic Items:

Whether you want to dispose the electronic waste of your IT office, government organization, educational, institution, manufacturing Industry, or any other sector, we are always ready to help you in disposing them without having an impact on the environment. Being a responsible Ewaste management company with a commitment to protect the planet, we always encourage individuals to recycle and reuse the valuable resources in Laptops, Servers, Desktops, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Hard Drives, Processors Switches, Routers, and other electronic products.


Drop Off at Collection Center in Coimbatore/ Request for Pick Up:

iSeven is committed to saving the environment, and thus we follow professional methods as per the government’s instructions for safe recycling. No matter how much quantity of EWaste you have, call us at any time if you are planning to dispose it. We will inform you about how our disposal process goes on, and we will let you know about our EWaste collection center is Coimbatore, which is nearer to you. We also pick it from your home or office..